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The WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE project is a photographic study of the spiritual and physical beauty of the black woman. It is an attempt to see in a new light and in a new way an incredible group of women. The women portrayed represent the Black American Woman in many of her social and physical manifestations. The subjects come from all walks and stages of life, they are mothers and daughters, artists, professionals, and community activists to name a few. Through the use of black and white photography done in a style reminiscent of the high glamour photography of 1930's and 40's Hollywood, the beauty of the black women is dramatically laid bare.

The exhibition which premiered at the Afro-American Cultural Center in Charlotte, NC on 14 June 2002 continues to travel widely around the United States. It also traveled twice to Europe when the U.S. Department of State hosted exhibitions in Bratislava, Slovakia and Bucharest, Romania in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Past venues for the exhibition include: Houston, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Cleveland, Dallas, Toledo, Miami, Nashville, Birmingham, Detroit, Knoxville, Durham, Jackson MS, Newport News, Asheville, Yale University, University Of Arkansas, and Bucharest Romania. The venues for the exhibitions have ranged from the grand to the small. The project has been installed in the beautiful and magnificently ornate Charles H. Wright Museum Of African American History in Detroit and the humble Dunbar Carver Museum in Brownsville, TN my hometown. It has been shown in the incredible North Terminal Gallery of the Miami International Airport during ART Basel, the world’s most important international show for modern and contemporary art and its has been presented by the Bertha M. Roddey Center for Art, Research and Education in Catawba, SC a small rural community south of Charlotte, NC. As of this writing, the exhibition continues to be in demand. In the beginning the project was an attempt to see in a new light and a new way the black women who inhabit the day-to-day lives of many Americans. Now after more than a decade and a half of touring the country and producing thousands of images, the project has become something more. It has become a composite, although incomplete, of the modern American Woman of color.

In these images you will see your mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, coworkers, friends. In some of the photographs the subject's physical beauty will be readily obvious while in other photographs a minute or two of study maybe necessary to realize the deeper beauty that come from strength, courage and compassion. A unique feature of the traveling exhibition is the photographing and inclusion of images of "local" women from the hosting community whenever possible. The 'Locals" chosen to be apart of the exhibitions are for the most part selected by people from their communities who know them and their works. Now after over a decade of traveling the core collection of images has grown to consists of thousands photographs. It continues to grow with each new exhibition. This constant input of new images has transformed the project into an incredible living and evolving mosaic of the modern American Woman of Color.


The WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE project is constantly evolving, new images are always being added. The core exhibition now consists of hundreds of images. Below is a representative sample of images found in a typical installation. A typical installation normally consists of approximately sixty 11x14 black and white images in 16x20 frames.


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