1. Description: The WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE is a photographic study of the physical and spiritual beauty of the Black 
American Women we see around us everyday. The women portrayed represent the black woman in many of her physical and 
social manifestations. The subjects are from all walks of life and include the young and the old, mothers and daughters, artists 
and professionals. What is unique about WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE is its treatment of the subjects. The women were 
meticulously photographed in a style reminiscence of the photography of 1930's and 1940's Hollywood. The purpose for doing
this is twofold.First to use the drama produced by the powerful lighting to grab and hold the attention of the viewer. Secondly, to 
use the starkness of black and white images to present the viewer an unencumbered look at the souls of this incredibly diverse 
group of women. Rarely have black women been portrayed in such a soul touching way. This project has been called "powerful"
and "uplifting". Neil A. Barclay, President & CEO of the then African American Cultural Center of Greater Pittsburgh, wrote, " 
When I first encountered Jerry Taliaferro's acclaimed traveling exhibition of black and white photographs,  Women of a 
New Tribe, I was immediately impressed with his ability to tell a story. Using the synergy of portraiture and symbolism, he 
has found a way to tell the story of both a woman and a people. "

One particularly unique feature of this project is the option to include subjects from the hosting community in the exhibition. For an additional fee we will travel to the hosting community and photograph in the black and white style of the core exhibit an agreed upon number of women for inclusion. This has been done to great effect in a number of venues as it served to increase local interest and participation. It is an excellent way to honor women for service and contributions to their communities.

2. Samples Images: See sample images.

3. Costs:

A. Base Fees. The WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE exhibit rents for $7000.00 for an 8 to 10-week run. If the artist is required to be present at an event an honorarium of $800.00 plus the cost of transportation and lodging shall be paid to the artist.

B. Inclusion of Local Subjects. If the exhibitor exercises the option to have local subjects photographed and their images included in the exhibition, the exhibitor shall be charged an additional of $100.00 per subject plus the cost of travel and lodging.

C. Deposit. Fifty per cent (50%) of the total estimated cost is due upon the signing of the exhibit agreement and balance is due upon the delivery of the exhibit.

4. Contact Information:

Phone: 704.900.6349

E-mail: newtribe8@cs.com

Jerry Taliaferro

P.O. Box 790285

Charlotte NC 28206

5. A Guide To Hosting The Exhibition (pdf)

6.An Exhibition Of Souls, A Video About Women Of A New Tribe - Cleveland


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