1. Description:

BLACK WOMAN AS MUSE is a rare and stunning photographic exploration of the "physical and spiritual beauty" of the modern American woman of color. Photographer Jerry Taliaferro has compiled a stunning exhibition from thousands of images from the internationally acclaimed WOMEN OF A NEW TRIBE Project which has been traveling continuously since 2002 photographing andshowcasing images of black women who inhabit the day-to-day lives American from communities from around the country.

The primary objective of this exhibition is simple; showcase the beauty of the American woman of African descent in a new and exciting way. The photographic treatment of the subjects in BLACK WOMAN AS MUSE is one not often afforded African American women. The style employed is akin the high glamour of early Hollywood.

BLACK WOMAN AS MUSE is a photoessay and as such relies heavily upon imagery to communicate and achieve its simple objective of moving us to examine our definitions of beauty. Powerful, evocative and moving images of women of color are the pounding heart of this exhibition. Aside from the introduction, the exhibition consists of six sections; Unheralded Beauty, New World African Beauty, My Muse Debra, Four Muses, Time And Beauty and The Great Mosaic. Brief essays and passing quotes account for the narrative. Imagery is the primary means of communication. This exhibition is the product of over twenty years of effort by the photographer to "build" images that impact our concepts of beauty and to move us to look deeper. A casual or cursory look through the pages of BLACK WOMAN AS MUSE will be a challenge as each image was chosen to make an impact on the reader. Every image demands attention and some study.


3.Samples Images:

4. Costs:

A. Base Fees. The BLACK WOMAN AS MUSE exhibit rents for $8000.00 for an 8 to 12-week run. If the artist is required to be present at an event an honorarium of $800.00 plus the cost of transportation and lodging shall be paid to the artist.

B. Deposit. Fifty per cent (50%) of the total estimated cost is due upon the signing of the exhibit agreement and balance is due upon the delivery of the exhibit.

5. Size. 100 images, 11x14 in. Images in 16x20 in. Frames. Approximately 250 to 400 linear feet depending upon configuration.

6. Contact Information:

Phone: 704.340.8552


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